Tips From The Pro

Improve your game with these tips from Spring Hollow's PGA Professionals:

Stop the Pop-Up - by Jim Wagner, PGA:

The month of April means two things to me - weather conducive to great golf, and a new baseball season. So let's take a look at a problem for both drivers of the golf ball and hitters of the baseball. The pop-up.

Most golfers don't understand the pop-up. They try everything to correct the problem, from playing the ball back in their stance, to teeing the ball lower and lower. However, the pop-up is usually caused by swinging down and hitting the ball with the top part of the clubhead, making the ball go straight up.

To cure this problem, position the ball opposite your left heel, and tee the ball up generously. This will help you strike the ball slightly on the upswing, causing a lower ball flight.

Although there is nothing I can do to help the Phillies raise their batting averages, hopefully this tip will help you lower your handicap.

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